Hi Navid and Regina,



I’m Eva, mom of three kids, writer, blogger, TV and radio speaker. I run blog Zielony Zagonek which I started in mid of 2013, up to now it is the biggest blog in my niche with more than 30 k fans, and more than 4k active visitors every day.

At the moment my  niche is natural living and it include natural cleaning, diy skincare and herbs, but I want to go a step further, and this is why I need you.




My blog perfect reader is women with child or children, who lives in big city over 1million of people, well educated, who work full time in the office on higher managerial position she is ambitious, speak English, well trained, and have no time what so ever.  Because she live in big city she feels alienated from the nature and her life, her life looks like spinning wheel, she come to the point when money doesn’t bring satisfaction, and she want to change her life to be more meaningful.




Some time ago she started to read my blog to find simple solutions that will bring her closer to the nature, and now she matured as a reader, she have got all the knowledge she needs to make another step. This step is to become happy and free women, this next step is participation in “Mum reclaim your natural life summit” which I’m going to host.

I am going to invite people from all over the word to speak about minimalism, simple living, happiness, as well as personal coaches,  and marketers to speak how to be independent, free and happy.

I want to invite you to be my guest speaker in this summit, as you both have enthusiasm, and fresh perspective about creative living. Living with the nature is based on minimalism, happiness, and fulfillment. Many of these women are ambitious but have no plan how to change their life, where to start, they looking for possibility to become more creative ninjamoms who quit corporate work and work for themselves, but equally they don’t want to earn a lot, as they already have a lot, they just want to scale down.

This is such a new topic in Poland, and because most of polish ‘experts’ know nothing about selling over the internet, they know nothing about marketing they just repeat themselves with no fresh ideas I come to you. You have a practical knowledge, which is so valuable especially in my country. You can teach my customers how to start do creative marketing research, how to come up with fresh ideas, stand out of the crowd and build a real life out of corpo world.

mowimy nie

I ask you for 30 minute, 10 question interview which will be prerecorded. Don’t worry you wouldn’t have to learn Polish, I will translate you, also I will provide you questions soon enough so you will have a time to make your mind about answers. Furthermore you will get unique access to other then US’ market, which is now very saturated with marketers, and reach Europe, so it’s not only my customers who will jump out of box.




P.S.  I wrote this email to you both as I like to participate in this contest and run this event with your help, until 15th December I have to submit my forth book to one of the biggest polish publishers, and on the 15th my daughter  have birthday, and today I need to submit article for my blog to editor. This idea of virtual summit is great, as I’m tired of running shop, despite how good is that, I need and want to rebrand, it’s the best time for me to expand but still I need to value my time. You two are great with awesome ideas you two are in the same field. So hope you will forgive me that I wrote only one letter (this is my out of box attitude, break the rules 😉 ) , at the same time I hope you will pick me for coaching, in Poland someone would say I’m a bit too sure about myself, but I know  value of my time, and my work. The strong reason behind is that I’m not newbie, I’m not wasting anyone’s time, I need easy to follow plan, and your programs are the best for that.  I have market, I just need a elevator to go on the next level , you two are my elevator.


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